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Problems in Transmission of Nonwovens Production Line

author: comefrom: createdate:2017-2-26 22:24:15 hits:0 commentnum:0

      Nonwovens production line in the process speed range of 5m / min ~ 20m / min. According to the specific process, the use of non-woven production line frequency is different. Which in the following 50Hz motor constant torque output, in order to protect the work in the high and low speed normal smooth operation, in the choice of frequency converter capacity, should be a corresponding increase in AC variable frequency motor power.

      In the unit, the static performance and dynamic performance are equally important. By optimizing the corresponding parameters in the inverter and other adjustments, you can achieve a more satisfactory static performance, while achieving the field measurement and theoretical comparison, in the PLC program to adjust the parameters of proofreading in order to eliminate the theoretical calculation of the objective conditions of the static deviation. So, dynamic synchronization is also very important, its significance is mainly refers to the unit in the process of speed and speed changes in line speed is consistent.

       Heterogeneous automation has now become a bottleneck in modern manufacturing engineering technology, especially for large systems integration projects in the integration of information. Whether in the enterprise construction stage, or in the long-term development stage after the investment, choose the right, with obvious advantages of the equipment is a correct choice. With the continuous development of China's science and technology, China's corresponding products have also been rich and development, I believe in the near future, the textile industry will be rapid development.